Thursday, 21 November 2013

Winter Essentials

Around this time last year I posted about some lovely winter products that would get my skin through the Skin Horror that is winter. This year I've tried different products as I'm more aware of what my skin does and doesn't like. Last year I posted mainly about Lush and The Body Shop's products, but this year I've tried many different products and these are my faves.

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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion - I love this stuff. The smell and consistency are both perfect. I use this as my main moisturiser when I don't want anything too heavy but still want to feel really moisturised. It doesn't sting on any patches of eczema which is always a plus. I do think it can feel a little greasy at times, but that's not so much that it's an issue.

Sanctuary Body Moisture Spray - This is for super quick and easy moisturising. I can't get away with not moisturising after a shower so this stuff is perfect after quick morning showers. The smell is the amazing Sanctuary smell of dreams and it's so relaxing and refreshing - perfect for mornings. I will point out that this is utterly rubbish on any eczema and should be avoided on any open cuts as it stings like a bitch. I use it mainly on my legs/back and it's perfect as it's not greasy and it's hydrating enough (although I wouldn't use this every time as I need more moisture occasionally).

Coconut Oil - Amazing stuff. I use this on stubborn patches of dry skin by dabbing a bit on before bed and I wake up the next morning and the dry patch has vastly decreased. This tub was a couple of pounds from Superdrug and it has so many uses and lasts ages.

All three of these products smell amazing AND you could buy all three for less than a tenner. BARGAIN.

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